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Hello im 47 yr old mom have 4 girls all grown up. Last yr my heart was going fast so i been doing lots of tests i wore heart monitors and bloodwork and stress test. so this yr went to my family dr he said that i might have an heart murmur. So on saturday went to have an echogram done. So im having an anxiety attacks its comes and goes an some depression. I thnk im like this cuz i dont see my heart dr till april . and some times have trouble sleeping to, i dont want to on meds i want to do this on my own, what can do for this through the day. im fine when im out or visiting just when im at home

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There's self help modules online they help me a lot the have tasks and goals it's maybe help if your wanting to get through this on your own. Oh maybe see your dr to get advice on some sort of therapy if you really don't want to take meds. I'm doing a number of things at the moment because it's so bad. X


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