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Hi all, does everyone else suffer from patterns throughout the day, I wake up and have shower then drive to work, as soon as I get in work until about 1.30 I will have loads of floaters and they will not go until after lunch time, all day long I will have a weird tingling sinking feeling in stomach. I go for lunch about 2 then I will come back, I will be getting pains all over my stomach and chest pains all the way up until I go home at 5, I drive home and for that 10 minutes I genuinely feel as if I am about to die - then I get home and things gradually get better - come about 7/8 oclock I will start feeling fine and then go to sleep and be fine again until I get in my car, if it was a serious illness it would happen all day everyday including during sleep right? I just don't know how to make these symptoms get better, I know its about acceptance but to be honest Id rather not have to live my life with these annoying symptoms! any one else have this or have any thoughts on it?

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