Is It Normal To Be So Constant ?

The Last Few Days My "Anxiety" Has Been Consuming Me.

I can feel it starting to flare up through out the day & especially at night ALL the time. I went to the ER Sunday, thinking I was having a heart attack for the 5th time in 2 months. As usual, normal results, even though my symptoms felt SO real. I know it didnt exactly help to google my symptoms but the pain felt so real. The doctors told me after reviewing my tests im a perfectly healthy 27 year old. I cant help but remain skeptic because of my symptoms and its driving me CRAZY. I hated the celexa, but should I have just stuck with it ?


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6 Replies

  • well like so many other s here, it seems you have health anxiety. There are many similar posts today.

    Trust in God and stop writing down or googling your symptoms. Only write down positive things

    The more you feed your anxiety by your actions the more it will be established.

    I've been going now for 5 years with virtually no relief

  • My mom keeps stressing to me to put it in God's hands. I dont want to constantly stress about something because I get nervous ill speak it into existence if it makes any sense. I've visited different hospitals each time I have went with the same results, and for some reason I cant shake it. It is so hard ! But im going to try my best to just ignore any symptoms I may be feeling and just do my best to ignore it. Thanks for responding.

  • Just try trusting in god to look after you. Don't do anything yourself about your symptoms except observe them and be sure that God will take care of them and you will have no need to do anything.

  • You will not be able to shake the feeling every visit to the hospital or drs feeds your anxiety. Trust me I know I've been so many times in the last 5 weeks and told I'm fine. Tonight I dunno what's wrong my me my problem is checking for lumps bumps in arms , chest tonight I've gone back over and know tomorrow because of its going to be a bad day. Try maybe just think you've been told your okay try accept it I know it's hard I really do I'm still finding it hard. X

  • Yeah, I feel th "anxiety" symptoms from the moment I wake up on some days to the point that ill I ever want to do is sleep so I dont have to respond to my body acting crazy. I try not thinking THE worst, but ive already researched the symptoms for what my anxiety obsesses over (heart disease) so its hard for me to stop thinking about it. Or believing im okay. I just want it to stop, it came out of no where and im ready to have my life back.

  • Exactly the same as me just sat eating a lovely roast and out of nowhere couldn't eat it felt really panicky. Safe to say I'm completely off roast dinners at the moment. And the wanting to sleep all the time I think is normal I couldn't wait to get my girls to nursery and school so I could just go to bed. Try not to pressure your self to get better and put a time limit on it. I've been told to think of it as a cold you a cold doesn't get better because you want it to it goes when it's ready and in the mean time. You take and do whatever you can to feel a little better. Xx

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