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is this anxiety ??

can someone tell me im not the only one i cant eat at all because i always feel sick sometimes my stomach feels like its burning also i feel like its a lump sometimes in my throat but nothing is there my body feel like its vibrating on some days and i always google things if i find something i think is weird on my body i cant stop googling for answers doctors scare me because i have a fear of being really ill and i always think they are going to give me bad news i dont really feel to sick but i do have a sick feeling when i start to overthink things like in the morning i start feeling a lil sick to where i dont wanna eat and i dont wanna eat because i over this think about everything so it takes the hunger away im also in college so that adds on to my stress i dont what to do im only 20 years old and i always feel like im slowly going into depression i really need some advice sometimes i think about killing myself so i wont feel like im going crazy anymore i dont know what else to do this phobia is taking over my life

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Sounds like anxiety, lump in throat etc but you should go to the doctors they are there to help you, so make an appointment and go.

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I used to get the same feelings in my throat and stomach, I went to my G.P he sent me for investigation, turns out it was just acid and heartburn, he put me on two different types of tablets and peptac liquid peppermint flavour ( like gaviscon ), this really helped, it got rid of the feeling in my throat and my stomach, but the only person who can really help is your G.P.


It does sound like anxiety. You need self help books ( Claire Weeks book on nerves) to help you understand whats happening. You will get better, but just in case it returns you need to know how to deal with it. Try this link: timjlawrence.com/blog/2016/... And have a look at what Jeff1943 says on this forum.

If things get too much for you go to a sympathetic doctors. Oh and that reminds me, try Sympathetic Breathing Techniques, you will need to go on You Tube for that. Its works wonders.


Sounds like anxiety a few weeks ago I was like this I could eat or drink through the day I'd push myself to eat a little on a night when I felt a little better. I've also felt the despair how can I get rid of this feeling. There are self help sites online my Dr told me to go through them they have little tasks and even going through the symptoms on them to recognize what it was helped. Go to your gp and they will be able to advise you. With self help maybe some sort of therapy on how to cope. Xx


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