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Anxiety or anti social?

Hello, for the past couple years alot in the last I feel like everyone is starring at me, and when I am around alot of people I feel very uncomfortable and sweat alot and I just feel very out of place. When times come where people try to talk to me and that includes anyone, family, friends etc I feel like the words come out of my mouth incorrectly or I mess up on the conversation and I just feel like for a while now I dont have the same vocabulary I had before. Im not sure if this is anxiety or I am just anti social or something else anyone have any thing that may help me ?

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Hi it sounds like anxiety to me,its not you are anti social,it seems your anxiety makes you feel very self conscious about how you look to other people,you could have social anxiety where you feel very anxious around others ,other people usually are not aware of your anxiety,as we are very good at hiding it,we seem ok on the outside and are really struggling inside,please dont do as i did and let my anxiety rule which meant i avoided more and more social situations ,and have become more distant from people,have you told your friends or family how you are feeling or been to docs ,its best to share your anxious feelings with someone close,it may help,my anxiety really took away my confidence and you retreat into your own safe bubble,but i know thats not the way to go,you have to get out there and enjoy time with friends and family,what you have to say and do is just as important as any one else,i hope you feelstronger soon,im sur other people on here will give you some good advice best wishes

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