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"Passions" "Dreams"

words, ideas that have been infiltrated and co-opted by U.S. ideology. The ideology of : productivity = you are worthy of existence.

Dreaming is our civic duty, they tell us. We must dream, they tell us. But why? My guess - In order to have a secure job, in order to protect the u.s. economy. My dreams have been squandered. Now I just dream (hope) for an actual living wage. I am tired of this poverty and living anxiously, miserably. My dreams are simply to have ACCESS to training, to school, to solutions to this underemployment trench. What happened to my dreams? What happened to yours? Are dreams our way of expressing hope - hope in ourselves, hope in our future?

How can we be expected to "be passionate", to "have dreams" when the future feels so incredibly bleak and uncomfortable and I don't want to participate in this societal mess. Feeling screwed and listless.

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I think you are in a dark place right now and I wonder why. I don't know anything about you and why you are where you are today. My dreams and hopes are intact and rest in my faith and values system, something I can't talk about much here. But I can say that I have a solid and secure grounding and know what it is to love and be loved by my creator who cares for me and my future. I hope you find your own way out of the dismal place you are in right now. I believe everyone deserves a chance at hopes and dreams of their own...and a chance at making them come true.

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Hey BonnieSue thank you for reaching out, it's lovely to know that you feel intact and nourished by your faith/value system. Truly important.

I'm in this place for many reasons. The biggest stressor is feelings of incompetence. I've been decommissioned from having a job (injury). Now, I cannot support myself which is just a truly terrible place to be in. Poverty can be very uncomfortable and the way in which America equates having a "job" to being a contributing/productive human being is just so toxic for anyone experiencing some sort of serious life set-back. Ugh.

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I agree that poverty can be a very uncomfortable place to be in and we in America equate far too much personal identity and value with our jobs. Look at me gaining personal value here responding to questions that are fairly easy for me and how much is it because I can't work at what I'm educated to work at due to memory problems due to health problems? I understand what you are saying all too well and I'm sorry to see how you are affected by this crazy value system.

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