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good days verses bad days

so good days are good days feel like i can actually cope on these days...but lately the bad days is here more..i am going through some emotional stuff right now and started a new job the 1st. lately i just feel out of it like the whole time. Its like my body is waiting for something really bad to moment i would feel fine then bang it will start again..i also get these sharp pains in my sternum that even hurts when i move or sit in a certain position..i get burning pains in my back and chest and ribs...its really freaking me out because of course the symptoms make me believe the worst..i have also been getting ear ache like randomly??? is this anxiety even?

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Go get it checked to put your mind at ease. :)

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If you haven't had a checkup with your GP lately, it's time to schedule one just to rule out any physical problem. Tell him/her your symptoms that you described here. I hope there's nothing to find. Take care.


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