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Please help

Hi everyone haven't been on here in literally a month I was doing so well :(. As I type I think it's anxiety attack, I've been feeling very uneasy as my neck muscles and jaw are both screwed. Not going into depth but I have TMJ and muscular issues. On one side of my head it feels like it's a lump and doesn't hurt but feels like it's bothering me like burning it's sends me into a huge anxiety attack and only seems to stem on the side of my jaw issue and neck issue. Doctors keep reassuring me it's nothing but it's starting to stress me out insanely and I get shakey. What worries me is its something going to kill me. All day my arm/ hand feels numb and shakes I don't know why it's sending me over he rails I don't know if my right arms cause of a trapped nerve it's happened before it feels numb but achy I'm so so scared it's a Tumor or annhryurism I'm literally shaking now

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Stop. Breathe. Okay now breathe some more. Believe the doctors!!! They have alot more training and knowledge of the human body than you do. Stop working yourself into a frenzy and your pains and aches will disappear. Promise. Oh and read Claire Weekes "self help for your nerves". Don't forget to breathe!


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