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Not a good day so far

Not doing to great today been up. Most of the night coughing. my back and sides are hurting because of the coughing my mind racing jumping from one negative scary thought to another to the exstent of it turning into a full blown panic attack but one positive thing is i controlled it and stopped it so if i can do that why cant i control these racing negative thoughts???

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I completely understand the negative thoughts are the worse yesterday when I blew my nose some blood came out than I cleared my throat little blood came out now I think I have lung cancer I had to take a xanax to fall asleep now I'm up and the nagative thoughts r back


Mrdj, Everybody is allowed to have strange thoughts, we all do from time to time, and when you're under the weather because of your cough and feeling low that's when you are most vulnerable. When our minds are tired and our nerves are on edge we can easily fall prey to panic attacks and negative thoughts. In the experience of most people the best remedy is to just accept the bad feelings knowing full well they are not life threatening and by accepting them we do not produce even more fear to burden our exhausted nervous system with.

So the answer to your question is not to become obsessed by the fellings of panic and other strange thoughts and to just accept them as the tricks of a tired mind. I am sure that with enough rest and when you recover from your cough these problems will cease to trouble you and until then allow your body and mind to relax and go limp and offer no resistance when the unwanted feelings intrude into your consciousness.

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