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Wanna help you guys

Hey everyone. I would like to help everyone. I'm a positive person I don't like to think of the negative things in life. I've been suffering from anxiety for a little while now witch has stopped me from being able to think positive all the time. But right now I'm thinking of the positive things in my life and I wanna try to help all of you think positive. If you have anxiety you know how down you can feel and how worried/scared you can be and don't worry I'm with you I know how it feels and yes it does suck but you got to try and pull trough it yes I also understand it's hard but if you can it's worth it to try. I'm currently taking meds for my anxiety witch is helping me pull through it and helping me think postitve. And meds may not be right for everyone and yes they can be risky witch stops people from taking them. I didn't wanna take any at first but they helped me. If your anxiety is acting up here is a small list of things you can do to help calm down

1. Talk to someone on the phone

2. Close your eyes and take deep breaths

3.listen to music

4.listen to nature sounds while doing step 2 or while sleeping it can help

5. Try to sleep. Sleeping may help you

6. Talk to a councillor that helps with mental health

I hope this can help you guys

If you need you can always message me and I can try my best to get back to you right away and help thanks everyone and hope you will also be able to help me when I'm in need of some help

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Sometimes helping others can improve yourself.

I see you have had problems


wow this post really means a lot as im someone who is really struggling with anxiety right now. Im the opposite of you, i always think negative, always thinking I have the worst illnesses and that I'm going to die. I live in fear everyday. It really sucks. But I'm glad to hear you're doing okay. I appreciate your willingness to help!

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