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Is this really just anxiety?

Since October I've been having pressure in my head, sometimes with pain that starts in the back of my head, but most of the time just pressure. Lately, it's been on the right side almost exclusively, and the right side of my face will feel numb and tingly, as well as my arm. I saw my doctor in December, and she felt my neck and told me I was just super tight and needed to relax. Right now I feel the pressure and I have a bit of shakiness in my hands, and the face numbness. Sometimes I worry since it's just on the right side of my head that I have more going on.

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this CAN be due to your anxiety, but if it's continuing I'd go back to the doctor just to check again. Maybe they can tell you if it's because of your anxiety. Good luck! x

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Hi there I used to have the same thing with what felt like pressure building up in my head I'm not too sure if it's normal with anxiety or not but I know I'm fine so you should be ok too and with anxiety you can become shakey when worrying about things although I haven't had any numbness I have had tingling in my hands normally my pinkys and whenever I would get a head ake it would only be on one side of my head. Anxiety is a powerful thing that can trick and bug you super easly and it's annoying too becuase you never know like you want to just say nope it's just my anxiety but at the same time it's like wait no somthing acually be wrong with me. So I see my family doctors 1-2 times a month and I tell her everything I've experienced and she's able to tell me if something's wrong or if it's just anxiety. I hope I was able to help atleast a little bit

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