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Really tired of this feeling

Hi, I'm new on here. I googled "I always feel like I'm dying" and this website looked like the best option that would help me, or could help me. I was actually glad to see some of your posts not because your feelings/anxiety, but because I have felt so completely alone and can't find others in my small town who identify with my feelings. I have what looks like a great life and am grateful for it, but my head won't quit telling me I'm dying. I've lost all my friends and my husband is trying his best to "hang in there". I'm open to any suggestions/comments.

Thanks much,


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Hi sickofsick60, that's what is so great about this forum, you needn't feel alone. We all have felt that dreaded feeling that we are slowly dying and that this can't just be anxiety. How could our minds make it feel so real. Losing friends and even family members over this issue is normal because they don't understand. The men and women on the forum are going through the same feelings and symptoms as you, so they are capable of understanding, comforting and caring.

You say you have a great life but somewhere along the line, something made you start to experience this feeling. There are many ways to address anxiety but it takes a little work on your part. Do some research on anxiety (not the symptoms) but what it's physical and emotional connections are. Learn about what you are experiencing and then find the tools/techniques to help you turn your negative thoughts around. We are here to help you...


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