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Hi There,I am looking for an anxiety support group for my mum to attend but so far have been unsuccessful.She is located in Lincolnshire at a place called North Hykeham in Lincoln.She is currently quite unwell with her mental health.We have exhausted almost all options to try and help but one thing she hasn,t tried is a support group.I think she would benefit from this.(that's if we can find one for her to go to!!!!)All of the health professionals involved in her care don,t seem to have any knowledge of any groups locally she may be able to attend.Hopefully someone on healthunlocked may know of a group they can recommend in Lincoln.Thankyou.xx

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Hi Bingo

Sorry, I'm not in the Lincoln area and cannot help in that way but can help your mum if she is suffering from anxiety, OCD , panic attacks, depression or a combination of them.

To recover, ask her to read More Self Help For Your Nerves by Dr Claire Weekes. You can find her books and cds on amazon. All explain why your mum is thinking and feeling the way she does at the moment and what she needs to do to recover. It sounds as though she has tried many things to not feel anxious, depressed etc but to no avail

The thing about anxiety and the others symptoms I've mentioned above (they all have the same root cause which is fear) is that the more people do to try and get rid of those negative thoughts and feelings, the more it sticks around. On the flip side, the less people do to try and not feel the anxiety etc, the better they will feel. Let me explain it another way. To recover, your mum has to let herself feel anxious, depressed etc. Let herself fall into any state but do absolutely nothing about it. Don't try and fight it, don't try and push it away, don't try and avoid it, don't even try anything in an attempt to not feel anxious or depressed. It is the trying part that keeps people suffering because by trying to do something about it, they are just adding to the problem. It's like pouring petrol on a fire in the hope that the fire will be put out. Your mum has to feel it all willingly, no matter how bad she may feel and in time, she will recover. The old mum you know and love is sill there. She is struggling underneath the symptoms that she has been battling bravely for gosh knows how long, but it is her struggle that is keeping her there. If she gives up the struggle, it will give her tired mind and body the chance it has been waiting for to start the healing process and she will gradually rise above the symptoms and find peace.

The book I mentioned above will explain to your mum what she needs to do to recover (not very much apart from accepting her current state of mind and body and letting go). The road to full recovery can be very bumpy at times but so long as she keeps practising acceptance and offering no resistance, she will get there. And, with you helping and supporting and showing compassion, it can only make her journey to full recovery a bit easier. I think she is blessed to have you in her corner.


Thank you very much for taking the time to reply.I appreciate it.What you said made total sense to me.I will pass this on to my mum and get her the book you recommend.She used to love reading however I never see her reading nowadays as her concentration and interest in it seems to have gone.I will do my best to encourage her to read this though.I think the medication she is on which was given to help has in fact added to her problems and now made her worse.I am just looking at trying to get her some help to get her off lorazepam which she is now addicted to!It is all a very big worry to me but I will keep going to get my mum back.It is so awful seeing her as she is.If only I had a magic wand!Thanks again for your kind words,it has given me a bit of hope and a bit more understanding.xx


Get in touch with MIND, really great people


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