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Anxiety symptoms

Hi. I've been diagnosed with anxiety about 8 years ago however since having my child I've suffered worse with it. I am convinced there is something wrong with me more serious than anxiety. I get all these symptoms and I go straight to google convincing myself I'm going to die from a terrible illness. Does anyone else do this? And if so do you have any helpful tips to start from doing this? And does anyone have symptoms that feel like something is seriously wrong.

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If you feel the urge to do it, switch off your laptop/phone or whatever and go do something to take your mind off it. looking up your symptoms online is the worst thing that you can do.


Sounds like health anxiety. Have you seen a doc or had any cbt/counselling?


Pretty much everyone on here feels like you do and does what you do its the vicious cycle of anxiety. You must stop googling that is extremely important, instead google your symptoms along with the word 'anxiety' in the search box so that only anxiety related results come up.

Also get familiar with anxiety read about it get some books about it. Make sure you have had a check up with your doctor.


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