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Trying to recover

Hi, I'm new to this site, but have been browsing for a while. I Was diagnosed with depression and anxiety over Xmas and have been doing CBT and on sertraline. I thought everything was going well, then today I was in a shop and it all went wrong. I started to panic and ended up in their bathroom feeling hot and panicked and sick. This has happened before, and rather than waiting for it to pass like I know I should, I immediately left the shop and came home. I'm cross that I did this, cross that it happened, and so disappointed that I feel like I'm back where I started. I feel like I failes and that I have been kidding myself about how well things have been going. And that if I can't manage being in a shop, how am I going to get my life back? All advice/similar experiences and how you have coped with them would be very welcome :(

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Bless u. Panic attacks are awful. Are the sertraline not working for u then as they could try changing your meds over to stop the panic from happening. I've been prescribed sertraline but scared to take them as I've read so many bad side effects so they are just sitting in my cupboard.


The sertraline is working really well generally. I had a general sense of panic most of the time, and racing thoughts which it also got rid of. It's also made the panic attacks much less severe and a lot less often. I've only been on them for 3 weeks and apparently they can take up to 6 weeks to work fully. I''m hopeful, just had a massively unsuccessful day! Which makes it hard.

I was nervous about taking them too, but realised that my life had got pretty rubbish so they were worth a go, and I'm really pleased I did. I've not had any side effects either, other than some vivid dreams.

How long have you had them in your cupboard for? If you don't take them, what are you going to try instead?


I've had them for about a month and want to take one but terrified. I had propranolol for almost a year in cupboard which is a beta blocker and I finally give in nd took one of them nd it made me ill the next day. I had a pounding head and legs felt like lead and I couldn't function properly so it's put me off tablets even more as I didn't like the feeling of being spaced out and I'm worried that the sertraline may make me feel bad


I think the 1st couple of days of any new tablet make you feel odd.

I was really worried about taking the sertraline to start with but was just so fed up and my life was becoming so limited I felt I had to try whatever was recommended. I'm glad I did, but I can see why you aren't keen.

Talk to your gp?


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