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anxiety after a break up

new to this but when you feel lost you have to reach out. i broke up with my girlfriend a year ago we had alot of issues. i found out she was stealing, lying, and cheating so after the discussion she moved out, but we still talked everyday and continued to date because i truly loved her and felt with time maybe she would change. i felt like i couldnt go on not tallking to her. i just found out she has been with someone else found she had blog with explicit pictures on it that i found. it killed me and now everyday seems like a struggle shes all i think about and i try to be strong but now shes cut all communication. i have anxiety attacks and barely leave my house. i feel stupid as all my friends pointed out she was a bad person through and through.

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Been there myself mate. Ex cheated with a close friend. Tore me in half. Had the same feelings of shame and that I'd been made a fool of. I went totally off key and lost everything. However at the time I didn't have access to sites like this or the knowledge that i now have. Start simple. I removed her belongings and anything that was a constant reminder as I'd find myself dwelling on things. I came to realise that the situation said more about them than it did me. I can't tell you what you should and shouldn't do. All I can offer is what I have learned about myself and anxiety. I don't eat when I'm anxious for one and after some research I have linked a lot of my anxiety to my extremely poor diet. I didn't realise how big a part this had on my anxiety! I am currently on medication for my anxiety. This is not for everyone so make sure before you go down that route that you research other options for anxiety management, i.e. Diet, therapy, exercise, opening up in here as you are. Simple things that may ease your anxiousness. I am a person that incense hurt goes in on his self. I can relate to every word you said. You can't blame yourself and I'm sure if u actually spoke to your friends they may have a different reaction to he one you project in your mind. I am the worlds worst for this myself but have found opening up , although seemingly impossible at times, takes the power right out of the situation. I have to tell myself these things over and over when my anxiety starts, I have in the past mistaken this for depression. My stinking thinking puts me in a hole and the only way out is to tell someone what's what, as you have. Keep going fella, the feelings won't last forever. Don't let it dig you in a hole. Speak to someone, even if it's a stranger on the phone. The worst place for me as a sufferer of anxiety/depression is in my head. It isolates us, tells us we're no good. We get what we deserve, when this is not the reality.


It's hard when you love someone so much even after all the bad things that happen. I think I was prolonging the pain but ultimately knew it would happen but it still kills you inside the lump in your throat and pain from it not sure how after everything that's happen the pain can still be there but it is been trying to manage. Thank you for the words of encouragement though it's hard to talk to friends when they can see the bad things. I guess love is truly blinding.


There will be an end to those feelings though. Nothing' lasts forever, good or bad. Just don't bottle it all up


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