How can I make it just stop ?

As many others have done, ive been in and out of the ER with chest pains and other symptoms leading me to believe I was dying. I get so worked up I stay up all night thinking, this is it, if I close my eyes I will not wake back up. When I finally do sleep, I dont want to get up. My doctor says he thinks it is stress induced, but now I dont even feel stress. I get dizzy, nauseous, and flushed out of no where. None of my friends/family understands what I am feeling, its near impossible to describe with out sounding crazy. I feel like they are sick of hearing about it. I was prescribed celexa, made me feel worse, so I stopped. I just want it to stop, I want to be normal again. Will it ever just go away ?


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  • Hi tabbw. It's always near impossible to explain to anyone what you're going through when you have anxiety. If they haven't experienced it themselves they just dont get it. They tend to think you can brush it aside & don't see why you get so worked up over "nothing"- in their opinion. In the meantime I can suggest you do slow breathing in count to 3 out count to three a few tines then breath normally. Its amazing how we breath affects us. Try to be consistent & tell yourself to relax. Look at nature if possible. Admire all the trees flowers birds etc & try to stay in the "now". It will take a while but it does truly work to calm you down.

  • I just don't understand, one day I was perfectly normal, and oht of nowhere my entire life feels, different. I don't feel like the same person anymore, I can't stand hearing people tell me it's just in my head. I believe them, I just can't make it stop. I have been hiding away in my house, but I will definitely try to get out of my house more. Maybe I need some sun in my life. Thank you. It gets hard, not knowing who to talk to. My therapy appointment isn't for another month.

  • Chat here anytime ok? I believe you will get through this. Have more faith in yourself & stay away from negative people. Stay strong

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