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All my problems seemed to start about 3 months ago. I was in and out of ER rooms with chest pain/pressure. Ive had multiple EKGs, chest xrays, blood work, a ct scan and more recently a stress test done. All tests come back showing no problem. I was diagnosed with anxiety by three different doctors, yet for some reason I can't seem to accept that this is the problem. I've dropped nearly 30 lbs in the past month and while I'm convinced I don't have a problem in my chest area, now my focus seems to have shifted to an abdominal problem (ie, gallbladder, acid reflux, liver shutting down etc). I have a ultrasound on my abdomen scheduled for Monday and meeting with a GI doc on Tuesday to discuss doing an endoscopy.

I know anxiety can be causing virtually every symptom I have. I'm reluctant to try and take the medications given to me to help...don't know why. I try to symptoms which just makes me panic more thinking I have something that I realistically probably don't. I guess my question is how does one deal with this? I'm trying a mind over matter approach and I'm losing...badly. Can anyone offer suggestions?

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have your symptoms bin heavy ? everyday for the last 3 months

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No it seems like it's spiraled badly the past month. I had maybe two breakdowns in December. Earlier in January it got so bad my wife took me to my parents house just for the extra help keeping me calm. When they found no problems in all the chest areas I went back home and was good for about a week...then it hit bad again about a week ago.


you are going through the same cycle we all have I've been where you are, when it all first starts you are at the doctor and ER all the time, getting every test done, googling symptoms convincing yourself you have all kinds of illnesses, reluctant to take meds (I don't know why we all fear them so much probably because we google them and read all the horror stories).

First thing no matter what do not Google your symptoms every time it will give you the worst case scenario if you really feel concern over a symptom see your doctor.

Next get onto this book called DARE by Barry Mcdonagh really great book about accepting your anxiety and how to overcome it.

If you drink coffee or energy drinks cut them out they make it all worse.

Keep yourself busy, exercise, watch funny videos on YouTube, guided meditation is with a shot too

Wishing you all the best :)

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I've cut out soda and coffee a few months back thankfully. Down to mostly water and a sprite every now and then.

Thanks much for the book suggestion. I will definately check that out!


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