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goals and accomplishments pt3 <3 <3 <3

another week as flown by...lets reflect on the small (or big) positive things that have happened this week and what your want to achieve by next week <3

comment below on what you've achieved !

I have;

~ seen my psychologist yesterday (the place was pretty far and i took a tram and train with my mother but i didn't panic!!) i was a bit anxious but i just brushed it off cos i knew that i was just fine :)

~ walked back home from school by myself (was nervous but i did it!!)

~ managed to go through without any panic or anxiety for 3.5 days!!

~able to stay at school everyday all day this week :)

~ went out with my friend during lunch time! (wasn't a far place but hey, i did it!)

~ went through the hot weather without panic or anxiety

~ able to sleep for nearly two weeks without panicking or waking up to panic

~can walk to places close by by myself

~able to ask teachers for help when needed

~eat food without getting anxious (because usually i get anxiety after i eat cos of a fast heart rate)

goals +++

~watch shows to occupy myself

~ go hangout with friends

~work hard on school STOP PROCRASTINATING!

~ be myself!

~walk from school by myself (as exposures)

I know anxiety is so difficult and you feel as though you can never get better but trust me, you can if you take a stand and set your priorities straight. No one is going to push you but yourself; i know they're people around who are going to help and guide you (parents, psychologists, teachers,doctors etc) but you have to rely on these and push yourself on your own! its like having a to do list and in order to complete a task and tick it off, you must do it no matter what.

Anxiety is a game, it plays tricks on you, once you understand the gist of it, expose yourself, accept it,do meditation, yoga , do CBT do whatever u can do! just force yourself, i know its hard but thats the whole point, its to face your fears until the anxiety wears off.

Also, if you want to beat anxiety, you must keep your priorities consistent! i know its difficult at first, heck i'm still trying! but missing days or exposures isn't going to help you efficiently. just when you start again its like you're doing this all over again. i remember how i was out and about for a few days and i stayed at home for 2 days and my anxiety just kicked in the next day and i could barely go out! ://

dont make everyday a new beginning, start now and continue until you see results, even get your psychologist tell you what you need to do

life is worth living and with anxiety, its hard but if you create goals and have accomplishments, you're on the right path to happiness and being your carefree self

i have hope in you all and myself :)

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