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the haze

the haze

of drugs. I'm on antibiotics for a kidney infection. With each pill, this thick cloud of haze tightens its grip in my head. Squeezes my eyes, dries my mouth into a cracked foot, pinpricks my neck and shoulders. Anti-bio , anti-life. I wonder, how much more masochistic can big pharma get?

I shall seek bacteria, in fermented foods, in the soil, in my imagined family of dogs and animal comforts, in the sunrays upon my skin. Immunity loves life, the living. It's in the roses, in the mushrooms, in my intestines.

Life is not in news, media, facebook...these are anti-bio menaces in my life I need less of. It is the anti-bio haze of confusion, chaos, and tragedy.

Need to call in more life. A call to live. to live. to move. to breathe in that which is alive. I will open a window!

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But at the same time, this life, these chapters we dance through while the acts of our life play out...they seem so very tiring at times yes? Chapters and rewrites seem to accompany the in and out of any severe form of transition. Empty is a string of dirty days

Held together by some rain.

And the cold winds drumming at the trees again. Empty is the color of the fear Long about September when the days .Go marching in a line toward November. Empty is the hour before sleep chills you every night


Precious stream of thoughts . Thank you for sharing this - please keep writing this poetry

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