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Does anyone get bad anxiety, panic attacks well I tried so many things but only a few things helped me.. I would find my self over thinking about so many things so I got up and went outside I found that to help alot so I just decided every time I felt bad I would go for a walk get fresh air it helps because when your outside you mind don't wonder in to a different world for some reason being outside relaxes me very much I don't over think I have absolutely have a blank mind for some reason I love that.. so to everyone try going for a walk, walk your dog to the park, walk to the store, walk around the block, or even just sitting outside watching people and cars go by anything as long as your outside your mind will be clear trust me just try it it's awesome how it's a instant fix very relaxing

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As many point out here go on audible or iTunes and download any audio book by Claire Weekes. They're all great.

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