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Irritability and Anxiety. Tips would be appreciated!

So I suffer from severe Anxiety, and my significant other is very supportive about it. I'm usually a very patient and understanding person, which is something he said he loves about me. However, as of late, I've had short temper, easily irritated, and I tend to lash out or raise my voice with him over silly things. Like if he asks 2 or 3 questions in a row, I start getting an irritated tone. Or if he's making a statement where he's wrong, instead of trying to correct him. I gradually end up raising my voice at him. This is also upsetting him, but he said he fully understands. He said I'm also more closed in and not as affectionate. Like we've become further apart etc.

To put it short. Is there any way to stop my Anxiety from making me irritated majority of the time? I don't want to continue like this, him being upset is making it even worse. And it has become a vicious cycle.

Not sure if this is the right site for it, thanks in advance though!

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This is actually a common symptom of anxiety. When the anger comes from irritation, or because you feel like you're losing control, you need to find a quick way to take a step back. Start by closing your eyes (if it's safe to do so), because this reduces the visual stimulation around you. Then, start slow breathing to calm your heart rate and reduce your irritated tendencies. You can also write your thoughts out in a journal or leave quickly so you can collect yourself and not cause a fight. If none of this helps, you can always go see someone :) good luck!


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