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I'm scared

HOCD I'm scared, I don't feel like me anymore. I feel gay, I never did before but now I don't and I don't like it. This morning I went to a therapist and she said I had GAD which scared me because she said it okay to be gay and don't worry, I'm scared now that I turned gay or that I always was. I feel numb to like I I get pain in my chest but other than that I feel like I can't panic and I feel scared. I know I don't want to be with a women but every time I see a women I don't feel no attraction until I watch p**n and I never watch women I always watch men but if I see a women I feel scared and I haven't eaten properly in days. I'm just scared now I don't feel like my self anymore, even when I obsess i feel weird like I'm being I'm not obsessing enough. I'm just scared. I know I'm not gay I even say it in my head when the thoughts come in but I feel like I'm in denial. I'm just so confused

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Anxiety can play tricks on you and maybe yours is doing just that saying you are gay and then the more you worry the feelings that you are will intense

No there will not be anything wrong if you were gay and to find the opposite sex attractive and sometimes a turn on does not mean you are gay either

If it were me while you are sorting your anxiety out I would put my sexuality to one side , it is nothing immigrant at the moment and once you have coping mechanisms and get the top side of your anxiety chances are you might find these thoughts and feelings all settle down and fall in place and whichever you decide is for you when it comes to men or women you will have no problem with it because you will be stronger within yourself :-)

Take Care x


Thank you, it's been stressing me out all day, my thoughts keep getting worse, that was really helpful x


It is good that you have shared your thoughts. They can be overwhelming. The thoughts of being gay can scare you so much as even though folk say it is accepted today it is still a very hard lifestyle to live. You feel rejected internally and dirty. Such a lot of stress you don't need. It is not seen as a normal lifestyle. I understand you I felt like it was a living nightmare but could not help the same sex attraction.


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