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I having a really big problem. I'm a still worrying about hocd it got better and worse in the same day. I feel like I could talk about it all day but here's the short version

I have struggled with OCD for about 8 months because of hocd thought. I was worrying if I was gay constantly through out the day but brushed it off as I was to busy to care. I finished school and it became worse. This month I have gone though every emotion of numbness, scared worried, anxious and depressed until yesterday. I have been to hospital twice this week and the thoughts get better and worse. I'm woke up this morning feeling gay. It was a really scary feeling but I don't know if was because I've so used to being scared daily that when I am it no longer feels which happens with a lot of my feeling I don't know how I feel anymore towards this it's making me check again which is what I don't want to but I don't know what else to do

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these are just thoughts, trust me i had HOCD Sep 2016 and it was the start of my Anxiety. i couldnt eat or sleep or function properly .i felt as though i was gay (legit!!) what i did was that i accepted the thoughts as only thoughts (i know its hard and its as if youre accepting that your gay) which works wonders! just agree that youre gay, it took a while but now i know that im not gay and i never have these thoughts anymore :)) i only had it for 3 months ish and it took 6 weeks to fully get over it (as in 100%%) hope this helps


Thank you, that really helped, I just wanna ask a question though, did you feel like you couldn't panic anymore at times like the thought didnt scare you anymore?


yep! tots normal, its because your mind is so use to the thought, you get no reaction(ur still overall anxious though) :)hope this helps Xx


Thank you so much


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