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In bed partner is asleep. Just had the biggest paic attack I've had in a long time!!

Was laying there on my phone just scrolling. Suddenly my whole body felt numb almost like it'd locked, my hearts then pounding and I can't get my breath. I sat up and felt dizzy😓 Its been so long since I've had this, is this even paic or do I need to see a doctor because I was completely calm?

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This happens to me sometimes! My legs go numb or my arms


It just comes out of no where


Panickier, I'm sorry you had a bad panic attack. Lying in bed scrolling through your phone is not exactly calming. I will bet you that the light from the phone as well as scrolling got your brain stimulated as well as confused prompting your symptoms. Once your body felt numb, a rush of adrenaline surged causing the heart pounding and then the muscles in your upper stomach and chest tightened and you start over breathing. With breathing fast, you get dizzy and the circle of terror is complete. When you go to bed at night that is the time for your body and your mind to calm down from the day's events. It is best to leave all electronic devices out of the room. The room should be a comfortable cool temp, dark and quiet except for the sound of a relaxing cd if that is your choice. This is your time to relax and breath deeply until you fall asleep.

I think you panic might have just been a continuation of some not so good moments of the day. Hope this helps explain where it all came from and that you can get some quality sleep.


It is a panic attack I would be on my phone and I would feel like I'm going to pass out so I go in to a panic I was breathing very slowly and didn't even realize it


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