I think I have OCD but I'm not sure. I worry constantly about different things every week. First it started with hocd which has made my life a living hell for the past 8 months. I also have thought of people killing me, me killing people, dying of mysterious deaths, people secretly hating me, schizophrenia and getting illnesses and today I started to panic that i wouldn't be able to get pregnant when I get older which made my hocd worse. I'm starting to get worried that they all are going making each other worse and I'm just getting so exhausted having to deal with it all the time. When my thoughts start to go then become worrying that I never had OCD and then the thoughts start again. I'm just in a loop and I really stuck and don't know what to do


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2 Replies

  • Hi Shanij, you need to get a professional diagnosis as to your mental health issues. Only then will you find the answer to all your perplexing questions. Please set up an appointment with a psychiatrist who will get the ball rolling and get you into proper therapy if not medication as well.

    Good Luck! This is something you can't handle alone

  • Thank you, I will be seeing someone at the begin of the month and also thank you for replying

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