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Hi everyone, it just seems to me at the moment im just going through symptoms by symptoms. Like I remember I started getting constantly dizzy at one point and would freak out, and that eventually passed. Shortly after I kept waking up with headaches and thought there was something wrong with me, then I had chest pains and of course it made me think there was something wrong with my heart. At the moment im dealing with random nausea throughout the day, I would get nausea then say if I forgot about it it would go away how strange? surely if something was wrong with me I'd be feeling constant nausea right? but to be honest I just feel genuinely unwell, I have small headaches that aren't painful but bothers me thats its there and just having constant dyrea and nausea. Has anyone experienced this? im just staying positive at the moment because im sure this will soon pass as well.

but I just wanted to thank everyone for reading my posts and being so helpful, I really appreciate everyone that has messaged me replied to my post ect. If anyone wants a chat please don't be shy to message me.


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  • Is thinking to much about these things giving you anxiety?

    Would a trip to the docs ease your worries.

  • hmm I just feel so pointless going to doctors sometimes, because they always put it down to anxiety. I mean I should be glad its only anxiety and nothing serious but at the same time its kind of hard to believe.

  • I get it too and it does effect other parts of my body, you know the sore neck, tension headaches and stuff you need to learn not to think of it so much. I go to the gym a few times a week and I draw and they help me big time. Just do stuff to keep your mind off of it and it gets better. When it does kick in just keep telling yourself that it is only anxiety, take deep breaths too and it will help.

    You can always come into here for a chat too. ☺

  • What symptoms did you get when you was anxious?

  • Pains in my chest, headaches, some muscle pain, thinking bad thoughts sometimes too. Feeling very tired sometimes, not wanting to do things that I usually love to do.

    What about you?

  • I also get the same as you the bad thoughts are mostly me thinking I can't cope and being stuck like this forever I get the pains in my chest sometimes a throbbing pain in my heart as well that freaks use out, headaches, nausea diarreah, dizziness, butterflies andreneline. I agree from your other post that exercise does help, when I get the energy I go on the treadmill and I feel lighter after

  • I think we just think to much and it gets on top of us. The exercise releases the good chemicals into the brain and it has a feel good factor about it. I try to go to the gym 3-4 times a week and if I don't go for a week I can feel the difference.

    It's also great to chat with someone who is going through the same things,

    I think it helps.

  • Hi love, by any chance did you take any antibiotics prior to these symptoms? There are some that can cause things with a delayed reaction. That was the case with me. If so, LMK :)

  • Hi dizzykitty thanks for your reply, sorry to sound silly but could you possibly expand? What is a delayed reaction? Is it caused by anxiety?

  • A delayed reaction means that symptoms caused by the antibiotic might not show up for weeks or sometimes months after we stop taking them, so we don't connect the strange symptoms we have to a few pills we took earlier for something unrelated. I don't think anxiety causes the reaction to be delayed, but I know that these and many other antibiotics actually cause--or worsen--anxiety.

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