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symptoms i have since that one panic attack and still going thru it heart palpitations, fatigued, insomnia, stomach aches bad stomach aches about 1 week later after the panic attack depersonalization, derealization, everything just really felt like a dream and still does a lil bit headaches terrible thoughts, i feel like ima die everyday still do kinda have nightmares here and there in scared about when the next panic attack comes haven't came yetbut still fearing i worry alot and nervous alot what u guys think i really have be honest

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And i have shortness of breath


Jamesscriber warmth on the tummy helps it to relax and if you stretch your arms behind your back and hold your own hands together it helps with the chest cramps. Massage is a big help if you have someone or do it yourself where you can reach. Do you have meds that help. I'm suffering now with pain also and terrible pain in temples that I've had no relief from at all. When one symptom isn't taken care of with this illness it rings on another symptom. Sorry for your pain. I hope you have a good doctor. It means everything to have a doctor who listens to what you need and what works for your anxiety and your pain. When those things work together and you get relief that's when life is good. There is no need to suffer or be touching it out. Find people or docs who want you to feel happy good pain free. No one should ever suffer pain or right times


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