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Functional Dyspepsia

After months of not knowing why I've been having stomach aches, nausea attacks, stomach burning, and heartburn, I have finally been diagnosed with chronic functional dyspepsia. I have started taking fd gard, (a medicine to help with it), but it hasn't helped much. I'm only 14 and this is really hard for me to deal with. Anyone out there also have functional dyspepsia and have any tips to help it?

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I've not been diagnosed with it but I've been having the same symptoms for ages and it's horrible. I'm sorry to hear you're also having these symptoms. How did you get diagnosed with it? Doctors have refused to send me more tests so I've gone private and I'm having an xray, endoscopy and bacteria tests done sometime this month.

I would also like to know some tips to help with these symptoms.

I have eased my symptoms a bit by stacking pillows up in bed so I'm slightly upright through the night, also whenever I wake I have a few sips of water.

I'm also trying to get referred to a Dietician as I think certain foods can make it worse. Hope you get some relief.


Hi I also got an endoscopy but they didn't find anything. They diagnosed me with it because they couldn't find anything causing it which means it's functional dyspepsia, as it doesn't have a known cause. I have also found that sleeping a little upright does help. I have noticed also that eating chocolate can make symptoms worse.

Hope yours gets better too!


Just went to er sunday cause i couldn't swallow i know it has something to do wit acid reflux iam on medicine now but when i got to dr next week iam ask to throat dr for scope test give med a chance to work first dont give up


I have had it. Still do on and off for last thirty years. Started around age 12. My anxiety and stress levels definitely have an impact. The good news is that functional dyspepsia is not caused by an ulcer, you had an okay endoscope which means you do not have h. Pylori. But you are still miserable. My doctor calls the symptoms Koch's naseau. I found that only eating plain grilled chicken and rice (Uncle Bens)for one week was very helpful. Sure it is boring but it gives your stomach a break. Ask your parents if they would be willing to help. Then introduce a food group back a couple days at a time. I cannot eat any wheat or dairy. It triggers the dyspepsia even though all blood work states I do not have any allergy to these foods. Best wishes.

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Thank you for the tips, I also notice that anxiety affects it and it doesn't help that I have Emetophobia.


I had a feeling chocolate made it worse as I was eating a lot over Christmas and was waking feeling horrendous. I've cut it out last few days and I'm gradually feeling a bit better each morning. I've also found I feel best after chicken curry and rice or a chinese. My anxiety started after I got the stomach problems and nausea.


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