Hey everyone i been feeling horrible and ok on and off all day also everyday i get a sick sensation its so bad i cant explain it i dont get symptoms just headaches everytime it happens its awful i cant stand it i literly feel like im dying or my brain is shutting down or somethings wrong sometimes i dont think its anxiety i wonder if anyone understands i feel like i have it the worst i always dont feel right

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  • I feel the same way! It sucks

  • I just really had it with all this

  • Hi there, I do. My head is one of my main issues at this point.

  • Do you have the sick sensation every time you eat if you do

    I have the same problem

  • Sometimes after i eat but it happens randomly at any time

  • Kk if you don't me asking

    Do you think you know what's causing this anxiety currently? Is it going into a certain situations you get it

    I think I have a similar problem to you if I am going out I sometimes get panicky and feel a bit unwell so I think I understand what sensation your getting and I do think it is to do with anxiety

    Hope your ok x

  • What other symptoms ?

  • can help

  • Hi Joe, I know the feeling you're getting, it's horrendous and I'm not sure if it's anxiety either. I used to get them randomly as well but now I get them every morning and they sometimes last a few hours and wipe me out for the whole day. Just one bad episode sends the skin around my eyes black, also noticed the whites of my eyes at the edges go yellow and I've also spat blood in the sink after one. My stomach also feels destroyed. Food poisoning feels mild compared to these things when they hit. I don't think doctors realise how bad they are. I'm not sure if it's something to do with acid reflux as well as anxiety but I'm not thinking any bad thoughts and I can go straight sleep at night usually feeling ok then wake feeling as though I'm dying pretty much everyday for the last 2 months. I don't seem to have good days, I just have bad and extremely bad days. If it is anxiety causing them I seriously need something to help me but I seem to always have really bad reactions to any anti d meds. I'm on propranolol which helped for a while but now they seem to be causing the episodes and taking more makes me feel worse and affects my chest and breathing. I not sure what to do at the moment.

  • hello Joe, YES I get what you're Saying! Welcome to my current-world. Anxiety/Panic land'd on me this Past Easter....and I can't get rid of it, the Panic, the Fear, the Nausea .... It's always something, everyday.... I can't figure-out why? now @ my age,69 this is my LIFE?

    I am widow'D twice and thought I was going to just somehow? learn to live on my Own,

    Alone..... enjoy have-ing 3 little grandkids etc. BUT the last several months have worn me

    down ...... and believe me, I have tried figure-ing this out, Cope-ing! NOTHING seems to work???? Good luck to you, sincerely, DIane

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