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Can anxiety really make you feel like somethings wrong with you like or like if somethimgs not right i always feel like sick all the time but not as in a cold its hard to explain kinda like of i had been poisoned or like is somethimg wrong with my brain also like if something is physically wrong with you and i been having mood changes too alot this is really getting the best of me

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First you Must rule out that your symptoms are not caused by a physical condition. Reading the posts on this site for the last 6 months Made me realize that anxiety is just a word coined by The medical profession when they can not uncover the root cause of many of the symptoms.


Yea ive had many test done and all came back normal i dont understand why i feel so unwell all the time


the normal readings on the test that where performed is good news .

Unfortunately the doctors stop at this point and dump all

Your symptoms on ANXIETY. What that means to me is that they do not have a medical explanation for this condition and the right test to identify the cause is

Not yet available.


I know how u feel just so unwell and hard to explain everyday its a new symptom with me.


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