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Rearly scared - lymph nodes

Hi all, me again!

I'm hoping to find some reassurance. Please no horror stories as I have serious health anxiety.

I have swollen lymphnodes in my groin area, I've had them for a few years now but I can't help but worry, the doctor checked them in September and she said she wasn't worried in the slightest as they are movable and she said she's been a doctor for a long time and isn't concerned by feeling my lymphnodes, she checked other places for them too, my underarms and collarbone, there were none she could feel. She could feel them in my neck but wasn't worried as they're very small. But why can't I stop worrying?? It's taking over my life again, I'm on my 3Rd week of 20mg citalopram, I'm having the odd night sweat (slightly) just worrying as I read that can be a sign of lymphoma!! But I'm hoping its just my tablets. I'm so scared, I have two beautiful young children to live for and my wonderful partner. I just want to be happy and healthy. I'm at that stage where I'm googling again and scaring myself. Oh and I also had full bloods done a few months ago and it came back fine, is that a good sign? I'm waiting to get an appointment with a psychiatrist so I'm hoping they will way of thinking. This fear of terminal illness is ruining my life. Thanks for reading x

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Hang in there it can take up to 4-6 weeks to feel the full effect of your medication and during that time you can experience heightened anxiety and sweats are common side effect as well. Good luck!


Exactly doctors have told you your fine so yippppeee thats great your great nothing wrong its in your head its a mind game dont google its not a doctor its a devil tells you the worst cases so blank that out. Good luck x

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Most people have some groin lymph nodes that can be felt. If they have been present unchanged for years and you have normal blood tests then this gives you the all clear. If it was a lymphoma you'd be seriously unwell by now.


Thankyou all for replying, it feels so scary in my head and I know that if I hadn't of Googled about lymph nodes then I would be like this but u was just looking for reassurance. I'm always scared to go to the doctors in case of what they'll tell me or I'm scared they'll refer me for tests and I can't handle the wait of all that it sends me scatty. I just can't get rid of this horrible feeling of dread when I wake up in the morning that something bad is going to happen regarding my health. I'm constantly body to make sure it's ok. I hope the citalopram kicks in soon x


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