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Physical sensations of anxiety?

Hey everyone i have a question lately i have been feeling alright but then i get a wave of a unwell sickly feeling out of nowhere on and off through out everyday theres times when i feel like im literly dying its wierd because i dont get any symptoms like chest pains or heart racing it kind of worries me because it makes me think its not anxiety also when i feel somewhat ok i still feel off like if somethings wrong its horrible i always have that feeling no matter what i do even if i try distract myself from it its always there then the negative thoughts set in because of it im just tired of all this and i want to enjoy life like i used too and feel good i was wondering if anyone could relate to this also, does everyone experience anxiety different?because i feel like i have it the worst

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Hi Joe3344, Everyone may experience anxiety differently but yet the basis is the same, Adrenaline. What you are experiencing sounds like Free Floating Anxiety. It goes in waves for no apparent physical reason except that our emotions cause the adrenaline peaks and lows to continually circulate. Whether we realize it or not, our brain never goes to sleep, is constantly rehashing the day's events causing the adrenaline to stay high. Adrenaline doesn't always cause racing heart, shaking and chest pain. It can come as a sign that something is wrong, like maybe we are dying. Once those negative thoughts take hold then it becomes harder to distract yourself from the feeling.

What needs to be done, is to have that feeling float past you, accepting that it is anxiety and nothing life threatening. Using deep breathing and relaxation will have more of an effect then forcing yourself in distraction. We have all been where you are and even worse. Don't fear it Joe, accept it.


I love your reply

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