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Pains again I'll causing anxiety


guys so my anxiety came back again quite bad... It had to happen on Christmas Day didn't it... Just had to be. Anyway on top of the anxiety I'm quite ill with a cold blocked nose and just generally feeling unwell especially the sinus pressure which is a lot worse with this cold. Also I've had like 4 hours sleep if that. I'm wondering could all this be contributing factor to why I just keep getting anxiety attacks today. With being ill and lack of sleep cause I feel myself driving to sleep when I was sitting at the table then suddenly jolting then getting a anxiety attack. It got so bad I'm outside away from the table with my family.... I'm not dying from something bad am I? I feel extremely tired and my eyes keep feeling so so heavy. Is it the virus and the tiredness going together cause all day even on Christmas I cannot keep awake and semi drift. And I get a panic attack and I'm scared to sleep with these random little burning pains. Been to the doctors so many times about different pains and not one thinks there's reasonable cause for the pain that can be life threatening.

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Oh you are really poorly with a rotten heavy cold don't be too hard on yourself I'm not surprised you were nodding off at the table Yes sure it's all making the anxiety worse you need to be tucked up in bed looking after yourself but being Christmas it feels like we mustn't be ill doesn't it

You take care rest and relax and hope in a couple of days you will feel much better 😷

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It really does suck, these random pains in my head and the drifting to sleep is what's giving me anxiety and making me scared to sleep incase I don't wake up... Ugh I was getting better as well

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Im really sorry you feel like that You say you have been to the doctor quite a bit and nothing found ?

Has it been going on for a while ?

You say you were getting better if you had something seriously wrong you would be getting worse don't you think

It's easy for me to say don't worry

I hope you feel better again soon and continue to get well

Be kind to yourself and take care

Mine came back for this first time in years on christmas day as well. Really don't feel myself. Keep convincing my self that something has gone a miss in my brain and that im going to have a stroke or something. Ive been here a million times before and ive come out the other end absolutely fine a million times aswell - which sounds like the case for you as well.

I hoped that when i woke up today - it would have all cleared and I would be OK again but something just isnt quite right in my head - but do you know what? Im not gonna let it ruin me this time, and you should do this same.

If - in the 0.5% chance me or you so happen to die of a stroke or whatever else we convince ourselves we'r gonna "die of".. then so be it. May as well be happy before that happens eh? Aha!

Hope both of us get through it. Im as gutted as you are the fact we both get hit my anxiety on christmas day - which to be fair - if you think about it, what with all the anticipation and overwhelming build-up to christmas day, anxiety is alot more likely to occur.


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