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Hey everyone i been having all kinds physical pains and sensations i aslo been feeling off like somethings wrong with my head with a sickly feeling and and a little bit of a soreness/pain on my right side of my rib cage its wierd everyday i dont know why its very hard for me i only feel fine for like a hour a day im worried im just tired of feeling this way i feel like i have a illness and im ignoring it and brushing it off as anxiety aslo my sleep has been messed up

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Sorry to hear that. Chest pains today since noon. I hope you feel better Merry Christmas 🎄🎅🏻🎁


Before all of these things started, had you taken any kind of medication, such as an antibiotic? For me taking cipro caused a lot such vague but real symptoms, including an increase of anxiety. Symptoms can be delayed, even by months, so you wouldn't put them together with a drug. That class of antibiotics is called fluoroquinolones, and they are best avoided except as a last resort, and doctors don't keep up with the warnings, and often don't know this. So, even if that is not your trouble, be sure to avoid those antibiotics at all cost :)


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