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Recovery tips for minor brain trauma

Hi guys,

First of all Im happy to be in this forum, I was amazed how people help you and make you feel good ( Maybe thats because we have all dealt and deal with similiar problems ) . Im 3 years past TBI, a minor one ( Hit my forehead in theedge of an iron trash can and it wasnt even my fault ) , it just bleeded 3-4 seconds , I didnt pass out, nor did I feel dizzy or somr other thing, ( I just remember the faces of the others laughing at me, it sucks!!!) .

So I came out of that injury in which was called a "minor one" as fine. A few months after I started to have emotional problems , anxiety , depression ( they werent that powerful 6/10 , but due to geneticz my father and mother had anxiety too, it had an impact on me )

The funny thing here is that, I learned the English ( I know I make mistakes so pardon me ) and German language after TBI, my memory got sharp ( I even remember every single detail of my life from 2 years old, I got accepted in university 2nd best student, but I get distracted very easly from moderm technology, I have noise sensivity, light sensivity, ear ringings , and dont eat and sleep well.

My question is im kind of 70% recovered I feel like this, maybe I pushed myself hard and GOD helped me , or it was a miracle I dont know... Is there any tip/way/supplement or way of living life that will help me 3 years after tbi to recover??

Sorry for the long post 😞

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Hi Eric....I think you've hit the nail on the head a no pun Intended- so to suffered a trauma....they take take time to recover from.....I know you get impatient but think how well you've done so far. You should be proud of yourself....what a fighter.....

I'm no doctor but I have had 29 operations and I know that it takes sometimes years fir the body to heal...mind you I'm old and younger guys can heal faster. It almost sounds as though your senses-hearing etc- have become over-sensative...have you had a hearing test ? You could ask for one....the more you can get to know about your symptoms the less stressed you will feel. Anxiety can wreak Havoc on the human body and mind.

I was told that by my gastro co sultant on Friday.....the longest nerve in the body us the vagus nerve which goes from the brain down through the neck, chest and into the stomach. When you get stressed or panicky it can get overstimulated and cause stomach ache..IBS....faintness...all the horrible panicky feelings we feel. Ask your GP for help if you feel you need it, I keep some ?Diazepam for emergency panics (mine are caused by domestic abusers issues)

You are doing so well, just be patient, the body is a wonderful thing, mine even created a muscle to replace one I had removed when a spinal tumour was stay positive and have a lovely christmas.

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Actually I hit my head pretty hard, Im not sure why I was conscious after that, and Im not even sure why the hell was there a trash can in the corner of the football field? What kind of anengineer would put an iron trash can there?? Weird, I do think that my anxiety was causes by TBI , or maybe I had my aunt an uncle pass that month too, and had a break up, maybe these thibgs contributed too?

Yes light sensivity and noise are a mess, but Im staying awake in the last 2 years till 2-3 A.M maybe thats another contributive factor who knows, it just seems like everything goes in my brain all the lights noises no matter If I listen to them or not ..

Btw I dont see you as an older guy, from the tbi I dont even see people as young or old I see the older people as wise and the younger ones as dumb ( due to their low experience ) .


Impossible to say if your change was due to the injury, but seems unlikely. Sometimes it may help to attribute our symptoms to external factors, although we still have to live with ourselves and regrets about the past are unhelpful.

But whatever, it's now down to making the best of things and it sounds like your main problems are related to anxiety.

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