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How medicine sees TBI

Hi guys, just wanted to ask you something. Do you think that the modern medicine doesnt care about tbi? I mean for the past 2 years after my so called minor tbi I researched and learnt about neuroscience and the brain, thus the things I have learnt are a miracle, the brains power, how the neurons communicate with each other and so on... Do you think that the medical staff didnt take your injury seriously? When I hit my forehead in the edge of a trash can ( It wasnt my fault ) , they just put some stiches over there (2 of them) amd didnt even tell me to put ice on that place, and still blame it all to anxiety. Listen, I do know that anxiety can cause some stress about TBI but after TBI anxiety and depression can show up from nothing. Do u ask yourself, u know, we are living in the 21st century, high speed technology, automatic driving cars, etc ( Things that most of really find annoying) , why isnt there a cure for brain injury? Just like the case when we break our arm, or have pain, there must be some pill or something that puts the brain to a "Restore Point", why do we have to suffer like this? I know there are really succesful stories , like mine I recovered "partially" but what about others? Every day I hear someone say he hit his head, forehead, passed out, went unconscious , I just want to hug them , maybe in the past they will have problems? Was this their fault for that trauma?

I hope science does something, everyone of you here is a hero! Trust me! With a TBI and you fight, fight even thought noone sees you, you fight because TBI is the jardest thing to deal with! We deserve happiness, and I am really sure If we recover, wd will be the one go save this world with our wisdon!!!

Eric, Xx

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The biggest problem now seems to be your anxiety and introspection. You are a talented very intelligent person, but need to work on this anxiety.

Try mindfulness, see my post from yesterday

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Hi biggles, I do think so, maybe thats because I feel for others? Trust me If I had a chance I would have spent all my life researching for brain pills ( with no side effects ) not for me , but for the others. Ever wonder how the thieves, people who take suicide , the one who compulsively drink think? The root is all in the brain, maybe they want to change themselves but they cant doe to the neural pathways that they have?

The brain is sure an amazing organ...


Sometimes it's terrifying. Count yourself lucky not to be tormented with suicidal thoughts

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