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Im tired of this

I have had it im fed up with all this everyday from when i wake up and go to sleep or dont feel right everyday im tired of acting like nothings wrong going along not in the mood of doing nothing or enjoy nothing because im always having a sick horrible feeling theres days to the point that i feel like im literly dying im tired of not knowing wat is causing it i always feel off i always feel like its something worse instead of anxiety theres days that im in like a wierd mind state like zombie mode or im just auto piloting through the day i hate it i just had enough

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Definitely know this feeling. Getting fed up with it is a start. Anxiety is a pure bully and devil.

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Awww a feel for you hun its devil il definitley give you that icanbeatthis2016. Its a hard thing to fight and control but we will get there soon enough stay strong x


I have said so many times in the past few days... I just can't do this anymore. Anxiety is awful. I wish I could turn my brain off!


So have a go at the mindfulness stuff I've just posted. It does usually help


Joe, it looks to me as if you are tired of fighting anxiety. This is good. This is very good (bare with me).

It is our natural instinct to fight (or run away) from threats. If you feel ill, others will say that you must fight it, not to let it get the better of you. You may feel determined to beat it, spend all your time trying to figure out why you feel like you do. It's exhausting. Has the fighting made you feel any better? I think the answer is no because you say yourself that you are tired of not knowing what is making you anxious.

What if I told you that the reason you always feel anxious is because you spend all your time trying to work it all out. You are trying to fix your anxious thoughts with an anxious mind which means you just feel more anxious. It's like trying to put out a fire using petrol. You just go round and round in ever decreasing circles. Your mind becomes very tired to the point that you can't think around a problem, you can only think of the problem itself. The brain shuts down to protect itself from further worry and stress from trying to think your way out and the reason you feel like a zombie.

To recover from anxiety and all of the symptoms, you need to do the exact opposite to what you have been doing. Instead of fighting your anxiety, hold up your hands, wave the white flag and give up the fight. The battle you have been fighting has been against yourself all along and a battle you cannot possibly win. When I say give up the fight, allow yourself to think and feel anything without resisting any of it. Feel it all and do nothing. Don't try and question any of it, don't try and push it way, don't try and get rid of it. It is the constant "trying" to do something about it which keeps anxiety very much alive. Learn to be ok about not feeling ok. By giving up the fight, you give your mind and body the chance it has been craving to heal itself. It has been waiting to heal from day one but you have been stopping yourself from getting better by fighting it.

During my recovery, I came across a quote I read in a book called At Last A Life by another ex- sufferer called Paul David. He spent years going round in circles getting nowhere but eventually found someone who knew exactly what it took to recover from anxiety. This person said to him "You won't get better until you stop trying to get better" and sums it all up perfectly.

I myself spent 4 years trying to get better but started to recover when I changed my attitude towards the symptoms. Instead of being scare of them, I learned to accept them and the fear of them gradually melted away. Once you lose your fear of them, recovery is inevitable and just a matter of time while your nervous system calms itself down. It does take time because your nervous system has been on high alert for some time and won't heal overnight. Time is the healer.

I could go on for hours about the subject of anxiety but easier to point you in the direction of the posts I have made on this website or by reading a book called Essential Help For Your Nerves by Dr Claire Weekes. Also worth visiting a website called Anxiety No More set up by the aforementioned Paul David. These are the only tools you need to recover. Both explain how anxiety can manifest itself into physical symptoms, depression, scary thoughts etc etc which helps dispel any fears about the way you currently think and feel. Anxiety is completely harmless. It just makes you think the opposite. You may not realise it just yet but anxiety is just one big con trick, albeit a good one but a con trick nevertheless. Don't be fooled any longer and stop fighting.

Hope this helps and wish you a Happier Christmas!


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