Anxiety symptoms coming from nowhere?

Can u still get anxiety symptoms even if your not feeling anxious?for the past couple of days ill be doing fine (other than the constant bad thoughts) and out of nowhere my left hand will start to feel funny like its numb but without the tingling,and my mind will start racing,i cant focus,get sweaty,my feet will be freezing but still sweat.its really bothering me because it happens everyday.sometimes if i take a clonzapam and pace back and forth for a while it will help but sometimes it wont.i really need someone to talk to and im home alone.


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  • Hi 1994smilelove, anxiety can come from nowhere, but it doesn't sound like it is. You mentioned the constant bad thoughts which are anxiety provoking. I am hoping that the bad thoughts aren't harmful ones towards yourself or others. The symptoms you are experiencing can come from anxiety but can also come from the medication you are on. When the dose is eventually not working for you it can produce weird symptoms because your brain wants a higher dose of the meds. It really does sound like you need to talk with your doctor about post partum depression which can be manifesting your symptoms. We are always here for you to talk whenever you feel alone.

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