What should i do

Hey everyone im feeling really horrible its so bad i dont know how too exlain its like if my brain was shutting down or like disoriented i feel like something is wrong with my head i dont know if i should go to the er i been feeling this way on and off for a while i had a brain scan in august and everything was good but i feel so bad i dont even know whats wrong anymore

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  • This sounds similar to many of your previous posts, for which you've attended hospital and had negative investigations for.

    This sounds like classic health anxiety. You are making yourself unwell by worrying about things. The more you write and think about your health, the worse you will feel.

  • The thing is its just happens doesnt matter if im thinking negative or positive or worrying about my health thats what worries me if something can be wrong that always make me feel horrible

  • It sucks I know this all to well. I get any kind of slight head pain and immediately I think I have a brain tumor. In the past a headache was just a headache really didn't give it any thought, now I get any slight pain ache chest pain I think the worst. Health anxiety is truly horrible. I gave up on going to the ER it's like a quick fix they tell you you are fine you feel great for however long and then something else starts. It's a never ending cycle all you can do Joe is except it like I did I stopped battling it I wasn't winning. I know that sounds easier said than done but you have to figure out something so you can at least live somewhat a normal life. I hope you have a better night!!

  • Wow u sound like me, I had EKG, ECG, I even wore a heart monitor for 48 hrs, did nerve testings, MRI, CT Scan all came back negative smh.. The heart monitor and heart check was about 3 yrs ago though. But I never thought about it until recently when I start feeling health anxiety again... The other tests were done in July of this year. And I'm like "what if something changed" then I start randomly thinking something could be wrong with me smh it'd unbelievable. It takes the joy out of everything I do. I drink liquor I get nervous and my heart beats really hard throughout the whole damn day smh I get nervous I sit and play with my child and instead of focusing on the fun iM checking my pulse and focused on my ohysical feelings. I worrg about health all day long. Today my doc said I'm in GREAT health I just need to control my sugar levels. Other than that I'm good and thats not enough smh. I just wish I can be back to normal without these scary thoughts in my mind. So I feel your pain trust me... I've been where u been on and off since I was 15 I am now 33...

  • For what did you have imaging if you dont mind me asking

  • I'm sorry, I dont understand your question.

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