Really afraid help please

Basically for the last couple of days I haven't been as focused on my heart but instead feelings that I'm a bit off balanced not enough that other people notice but I feel it , like I'm swaying from side to side or leaning forward when I'm walking about , followed by a lot of muscle fascination (little twitches) when trying to relax , I'm 16 male and quite scared it could be some nerve damage or discease


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4 Replies

  • Too much introspection is bad for your health.

    Chest pains, dizziness symptoms are the 2 commonest physical symptoms of anxiety and you have both as well as admitting to health anxiety, so there really is no doubt about the diagnosis.

    Muscle fasciculation is also common with anxiety.

    Try to avoid thinking about your symptoms and even worse writing or googling about them. You are only 16 and as such are probably at the lowest risk of illness at any time in your life, but you can create a tremendous amount of distress by worrying about your health. Trust in God and ignore all symptoms. You know they don't indicate physical disease. Get on with living, exercise and socialising.

  • It's hard because I think what if it's not anxiety and I'm just overlooking something that could be a serious illness

  • But there is absolutely nothing to support this idea, so why not give it a try of trusting in God and not overthinking it, googling, posting etc

  • Im sorry this is happening. Please also talk to your parents.

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