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🎁🎄 its almost Christmas 🎁🎄

Every year iam so happy for Christmas I love Christmas time spending time with my family every year few weeks before Christmas I feel that nice Christmas feeling and joy but this year for the first time nothing my anxity took over and its making me feel this way and I hate it 😔 I hate how much anxity and depression can do to you does any one else feel this way too

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glitterangel03, of course, most of us go through this. It's a bittersweet time of the year when family and friends get together, everyone's happy but those with anxiety seem to get caught up in it all. Maybe a little bit more than the average person. Anxiety is always there, coming along for the ride. Even if anxiety is under control, the excitement alone of the holidays and anticipated parties and get togethers can stir up those feelings into panic.

Each year, I make sure that I take time for myself each day. Try keeping up with traditions that my mother carried with her well into her eighties. (but she didn't have anxiety issues) I don't push myself, I enjoy the moments I can. I hope that you and everyone else makes the best they can out of what we have been given in life. Merry Christmas glitterangel!

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