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I feel bad

So I feel really bad that iam not that happy any more about my pregnancy I had 3 miscarriages and this should be making me happy I am still pregnant as I lost the others 3-4 weeks but this pregnancy made my anxity so bad and iam so unhappy iam 6 weeks and I all ready said this in my other post it's just I feel so bad that iam unhappy with my pregnancy 😞👶 I want my pregnancy to go well I do its just my anxity is so bad because of it 😞 iam in hell I hate feeling this way I hate what my anxity does 😭 its getting mentally exhausting 😟😥

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I went through my fifth pregnancy and my anxiety was through the roof wouldn't get bloods etc done because I thought they were guna say I had cancer or something a didn't even have a scan. Until I got to 42 weeks and they did an emergency scan I was shaking the lot as soon as they scanned me and everything was fine I felt a new me and my labour was so straight forward it will get easier trust me this baby is ment to be you will worship him or she xxx


Thank you xx


No problem be careful take each day as it comes it's worth it xxx


Oh crikey, you poor thing. Sounds like you're putting so much pressure on yourself to feel differently ! It's no surprise at all that you feel like you do. Be really kind to yourself . I had 3 miscarriages and then a successful pregnancy. I didn't really enjoy that pregnancy - didn't expect it to work out and didn't buy any baby stuff til the very last minute..... hopefully if you can get a few more weeks under your belt you will start to feel a bit better. But don't beat yourself up if you don't - how you feel is really understandable. So horrible to have miscarriages :-/

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