Hey everyone i been feeling wierd i could be fine for a couple minutes then feel horrible and its on and off everyday all day but when im ok i still dont feel right its like if something is wrong with me it feels so real like i dont get symptoms anymore just a awful overwhelming sick sensation it worries me because it really hard to even believe its anxiety


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  • Hi Joe, are you on any meds? Just asking because getting on meds is the only thing that was finally able to help me with that.

  • I was but i stopped because they would make me feel worse are you on any medication

  • Yes. The side effects wear off, but you have to stick it out. It helped me a lot.

  • I know... I used to be so against taking meds too, not anymore now that I am improving.

  • I just couldnt do it i felt 10x worse with meds and i didnt want to rely on them

  • Joe3344, if you've tried meds and really felt worse on them, then you are going to have to look for other alternatives. There is a lot out there to choose from. Find a qualified therapist who will find what works for you best avoiding medications. It can be done.

  • When you say sick not like a cold sick but a sick you just can't put your foot on? Because I feel sick but I can't it explain it other than it's absolutely horrible. I'm not sure what cancer feels like and never want to find out but I think I can imagine when it happens to me. I feel completely ill I'm functioning doing what I need to do but the feeling just lays there the fatigue is on another level. I don't if any of that made sense but I'm sure I can relate too you.

  • Yes you just explain everything to the smallest detail how thats exactly how i feel

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