Could somebody help me for the last couple of weeks I have felt totally tired and lightheaded. And can't walk properley, I have been having panic attacks and I have been to the doctors and he sent me for blood tests for everything ..they took three phials . I have been like this before it seems like I have had a setback and gone back to the beginning. Years ago when I first got ill. Can anxiety make you feel this tired. And I'll. I am now worried about my results as I have a tablet phobia and the thought of statins fills me with dread, I eat a lot of fish and salads . And don't eat red meat .i would like to take a garlic tablet that would help with the colestral but can't swallow big tablets. Any advice would be appreciated. And could somebody advise me on a multi vitamin tablet. Thanks


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  • Anxiety can make u feel absolutely exhausted I know this and dizzy it's awful

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