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Keeping on

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Today is day 2 of citalopram. Last night was rough headache and it took forever to fall asleep and i woke up alot. Today im just feeling anxious a lot of it i am inducing myself just worrying about what side effects will i feel when it will start to work and just hoping for the best. Im committed to taking this regardless of what i feel or start to feel. Just trying to stay positive

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Keep a close eye on how u feel of course without trying to worry about it to much, eventually Citalopram gave me feelings of not being in reality and couldn't feel my emotions, as well as constant insomnia, which personally I just couldn't handle in the end.

But everybody reacts differently to medications, a receptionist at my GP swears by her medication and it solved all her issues without any trouble.

It's good you're self aware enough that u know that u are self inducing your anxiety currently.

Keep in contact with your GP and journal monitor your feelings.

All the best.


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