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•I feel ....•

Been feeling drained

Not interested in much

Not that in to watching tv or doing anything

Don't want to touch my assignment and it's due in for the 6 Jan

Been told by someone that the person who heard my problems is so sorry that I'm vulnerable. I can't cope and that's the fact

I'v been told that I'm happy and bubbly person , I now realise I think I've been pretending to be happy and my fave got so use to smiling that it got complemented. I now realise that I'm not that kind of person

I don't think I need to be

I don't know what to do, I know I get angry in my head a lot and then go in to outbursts also

I don't even know what coping means so I don't know therefore how to cope

Never known anything do difficult along with the many problems I have with life

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Oooo am hear for you a feel your emotions love, yes that's what depression is definitely you hide your feelings and pretend to be happy but deep down your not, be strong don't let this beat you a promise you'll be okay xx

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The reason why I'm now feeling this badly is that....

There's to much bad stuff happening , in the place I go to study regarding a complaint I made about a staff member and I haven't been helped nor supported. I've been told that the person who I turned to for help isnt going to do anything and hasn't been told to keep his distance as I have asked as he makes me uncomfortable, for many weeks and months he's been also playing psychological games which has resulted in me getting unwell due to the meetings I've had. Someone helped me understand what he is doing is playing psychological games and now my heart isn't in anything any more. I've also been told that it's my fault and then get told no one believes me. I've also been told that they know him personally and really like him personally so I haven't been helped or been given the support. I suffer from anxiety badly and am attending my first support group on Tuesday .

There's a trip to Berlin that I wanted to go with the college that I'm at but he is going so I'm going on my own. I've been told because I'm going on my own I can't take part in anything with my class as I'm going as an independent traveller.

I'm , as a result to that, now in counselling and I've just had my first session.

I haven't been eating well at all which basically means I haven't been eating and I have it done any exercises ,my hearts not in it anymore


Don't let anyone put you down especially people what don't understand ignore them hold your head up high andit well bethem who Are upset not you x

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I'm sorry I don't know what to say as my strength to talk to people is going and keeping myself to myself I feel is better and being alone makes things easy for me, so all I have for is , thank you

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No no don't do that you'll end up going crazy like I did we're all here to talk let them sad people go through itx


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