Anxiety sensation and symptoms?

Hey everyone i was doing fine until this whole week i have been feeling unwell its been kind of worrying me i have no symptoms just this unwell sensation i feel off and sometimes its like if somethings seriously wrong with my head i been trying to just ingore the feeling and go on with daily activities sometimes its so bad i cant do much and i get some rest i seen docs and i cant really explain the feeling to them because i dont get symptoms like heart palpatations of shortness of breath like the only way to put it is like i dont feel good like if somethings not right all the time its wierd

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  • Do you a pressure headache? Feel off balance?

  • No i just always get this intense unwell feeling like something is wrong or something bad is going to happen

  • I can totally relate. 😫 I wish you well. God be with us. ☺😇

  • Yea its harsh

  • I know what you mean though in your initial post, I feel that too sometimes. One time I went through it for a couple weeks. It is hard to explain. But yup...and it feels awful. I do know though, that it passes. And it truly is part of this disorder.

  • Yea its just worrys me because i dont feel right and at times its so bad i think i might have some bad health condition or something wrong with my head its awful but hope fully its just anxiety beacause i know i suffered from it 3moths ago when all this started but it hard believing it is

  • That's most of the problem for us...we don't believe it can possibly be in our mind, or just anxiety and it must be real. I know it's hard, and I am no expert, I still suffer too...but i do know that most of the stuff I thought or think I have would not allow me to be ok this long, nonetheless alive. So if we can make sense of that, we may just realize we are more ok than we allow ourselves to be.🙄

  • I get it to and I believe in my heart it is some what anxiety and some what enterwishan how ever you spell it. Lol.. I get weird feelings inside me like something is wrong or something bad is gonna happen what is crazy it comes true all the time. I felt my son's pain when he over dosed on his own med's when his father wasn't watching him right I felt what he was feeling at that second I wasn't home when I started to freak out that same time my son over dosed.. when my other son got arrested I felt something was wrong I didn't know what for some reason I felt I had to check on my son I had a feeling he was in jail sure enough he had just got arrested.. my boyfriend said what I feel isn't a bad thing it's really awesome I listen to my body my gut feeding.. he call's me the indago kid lol.. which is someone who can sense things before or even after it happens it's not weird god gave me a gift I'm just not blowing it off everyone has that gift just no one want to pay attention to it.. just wanted to get that all out there. Sometimes it's probably not anxiety at all maybe it's just something is trying to tell you something god work's in mysterious Way's

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