Fear of going blind still

Hi everyone I had a fear about going blind but now it has turned into anxiety and panic attacks! I went into hospital about 3 weeks ago with my panic attacks and have had some counciling and I got put on beta blockers but I am only 16 and I just want this too all go away I was thinking about my eyes before and started hyperventilating,I have My exams coming up soon and I can't focus on my work because of this anxiety. Does anyone else feel this way ?


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  • Many people with anxiety find that they focus on particular parts of the body, this often develops into believing they have some kind of undetected illness or disease that relates to that particular body part, health anxiety is very unpleasant, it's scary and confusing, you should consider further talks with your gp, you can also find many videos on youtube by just searching under health anxiety, and recovery techniques, in the past I've found these kinds of information videos very reassuring, they also offer advice on recovery and coping techniques, it may help you to calm and relax a little aswell as providing information and tool's to aid recovery :-) xxx

  • Trust in God to settle you and don't think about your health

  • Yes, I get anxiety of what type of symptoms I get and I'm scared of going blind as well. I definitely got anxiety after my last eye appointment my doctor saw a lot of floaters and asked if I see dark spots or flashing light if so that means your cornea is deteriorating and of course I got anxiety because I thought I had it( but of course I don't , he was just making sure). But after research and looking up what the symptoms look like for myself, it helped. It helps when you get reassurance from your doctor that your fine and have no health issues.

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