New here, and having a rough time

I've recently had a lot of life changes - good ones - but I can't seem to cope. I grew up moving around the country, with lots of changes, and now, suddenly, as I get older, I really have a hard time when any little change happens. I've gotten engaged and started a new job all in one week, and everything seemed to be going great ... then, out of the blue, I ended up in the hospital with kidney stones, and since then I feel like things are spiraling out of control. I'm working crazy hours at my job, not sleeping much, and constantly have a stomachache. I thought I had the stomach flu, and have been staying home from work, but it seems to be my anxiety at this point.

Anyone have any tips for dealing with this? I'm feeling so overwhelmed, and I'm struggling even to make it through half a day of work. I'm mainly having trouble focusing at my job because of the constant stomach pain, and I just don't know what to do about it. I'm worried my new coworkers are going to think I'm flaky and always sick and this just isn't me!


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  • I've also been having stomach issues first it started with stomach pains but lately I've been getting nausea. And like o described in the other post those panic attacks if that's what they are

  • Hi neberg, unfortunately both good and bad life changes can cause anxiety to appear. Having had a health issue was probably the last straw which made you feel your life was spiraling out of control. I personally don't think the constant stomach pain should be ignored especially after having had kidney stones. Although anxiety can cause stomach problems, it shouldn't inhibit you in not being able to focus or to be in constant pain. Right now, don't worry about your co-workers, you need to have neberg checked out by your doc. Feel better.

  • Thanks Agora1! I actually wen to the doctor yesterday, and was sent to the ER. You were totally right - it wasn't anxiety this time, it was my kidneys. I've been instructed to stop stressing myself out and pushing my body, and to stay at home and relax. Which is exactly what I'm doing :)

  • Good for you neberg. Remember that your health is most important. Without that we have nothing. Wishing you a relaxing calming day at home for as long as it takes. Feel better soon!

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